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4K Pergola System


  • Sleek, modern, and versatile design, smooth finish, and no wood grain finish
  • Aluminum "LEGOS" style versatile design pergola, cantilever, trellis, fencing, gate, architectural features
  • Posts, beams, and lattices are extruded 6061-T6 aircraft alloy aluminum, NOT roll-formed, with no steel inserts
  • Powder-coated using the latest Italian-made equipment to AAMA 2604 standard
  • Internally attached, hidden, color-matched screws for lattice attachment, seamless beam connectors
  • Hardware fabricated 304 Stainless Steel, powder-coated galvanized steel brackets, no plastic end caps


  • 4K Aluminum cantilever consists of protruding beams supported on only one side, giving a clear view of one’s outdoor surroundings.
  • 4K Cantilever can cantilever up to 20ft wide with a max of a 16ft extension.
  • Provide full shade and rain coverage with a solid roof.
  • Insulated design provides maximum cooling in high temperatures.
  • Engineered to adapt to high winds and snow loads.
  • Crafted from superior powder-coated aluminum, offering lasting durability and a 20-year warranty.
  • High-quality materials that will stand up to weather and resist corrosion.
4K Cantilever Pergola
Motorized Louver System


  • 4K Motorized Louver Systems can be adjusted to let light in, keep the sun out, enable cross-flow ventilation, or protect outdoor areas from rain.
  • 4K Motorized Louvers come in 10′ or 12′ louvered width custom designed structure.
  • Options to incorporate 4K Lattice or 4K Pergo-Soleil panels into the design.
  • Motorized Louvers can be operated by remote control, wall key-pad, smart-phone, or tablet app
  • Bring year-round livability to outdoor spaces while adding value to any property.
  • Crafted from superior powder-coated aluminum, offering lasting durability and a 20-year warranty.
  • Commercial and Residential use.
4K Architectural Features

4K Pergo Soleil Panels

  • Pergo-Soleil™ Panels are decorative panels utilized as spectacular standalone focal pieces.
  • Pergo-Soleil™ Panels can be used for privacy walls, gates, pergolas, and decorative yard art. 
  • Pergo-Soleil™ Panels are 5052 H-38 lasers cut and powder coating with a 20-year warranty. 
  • Pergo-Soleil™ Panels are the strongest temper and come with the best powder coating finish in the industry.

4K Fencing

  • 4K Aluminum’s Fencing comes in many highly durable designs. 
  • 4K Aluminum Fencing is low-maintenance, high-quality aluminum fencing and is an excellent alternative to traditional wrought-iron, steel, or wood fencing. 
  • Unlike wrought iron and steel, our products will not rust; our products will not show age or weather as wood does. 
  • 4K Aluminum Powder coat™ finish has a 20yr guarantee. 
  • 4K Aluminum Fencing is made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and will last for years. 
  • 4K Aluminum Fencing offers a complete line of beautiful, durable, easy-care styles for Residential, Commercial, and Pool Fencing and multiple types of Privacy Fences.
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